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How to store flaxseed oil
By Josh
May 24, 2011

Flaxseed, fish and cod liver oils are highly ‘ polyunsaturated’. Whilst this is a nutritional feature (Omega-3), the delicate nature of these oils mean they are susceptible to oxidation leading to rancidity.

At each stage of production exposure to oxygen, light and heat must be minimized.

Any unopened PET bottle of oil that is 6-12mths old will have its sides sucked in, in effect the oil has absorbed the air in the top of bottle and continued to suck through the bottle walls. Oils naturally want to absorb oxygen.

For this reason most cold pressed oils (olive, macadamia, etc) are packaged in glass to prevent oxygen migration into the oil. PET plastics breathe, hence the wide use of metalized foil barrier bags for breakfast cereals, crackers, etc.   

Flaxseed oil is the most delicate of all food oils, most health-food shops store refrigerated as do consumers once opened (this slows the oxidation effect).

Proteco uses food grade nitrogen to displace oxygen at every step of production. Critically, we also flush bottles with nitrogen prior to filling, this removes the oxygen head space usually left in the top and reduces the dissolved oxygen content.

Aluminum bottle (Pressed Purity flaxseed oil)


  • 100% barrier resistance – no oxidation
  • Light free - no light contacts the oil
  • Un breakable  - no damage in transit or stores
  • Looks great – premium ‘organic’ look & feel
  • Food grade coated – internal coating extremely safe
  • Shelf stable – no need for refrigeration until opened
  • Tamper evident – easy pour cap
  • Light weight – reduces carbon footprint, eco friendly


  • Higher unit cost


Glass bottle


  • 100% barrier resistance – no oxidation


  • Breakable – can lead to oily mess
  • Light transmits – light speeds deterioration and shortens shelf life
  • Limited bottle shapes – looks like cooking oil
  • Heavy – more fuel for transport


PET bottle


  • Un breakable  - no damage in transit or stores
  • Dark colour – minimal light enters bottle


  • PET breaths – quickly oxidizes delicate flaxseed oil
  • Refrigeration – should be stored refrigerated
  • Consumer fear – ‘ healthfood’ consumers often avoid petroleum based plastics



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