Cold pressed natural oils

Packed full of flavour and nutrition. Proudly made locally from high quality produce, by real people for real people.

Pressed Purity oils cold pressed without heat, chemicals or solvents. Australian grown and made, cooking oils for every master chef kitchen.

Guaranteed fresh every time, enjoy...


Almond oil

Cold pressed from sweet Australian grown almonds. This almond oil is unrefined, allowing it to retain all its natural golden colour, mild odour and nutritional benefits. Popular around the world for aromatherapy and massage, used primarily as a carrier oil. Contains levels of Vitamin E, B, and P. Almond oil has a clean flavour that pairs well with fish, asparagus and cream soups.

  375ml 2L mini drum 10L bag in box

Apricot Kernel oil

Cold pressed from the delicate apricot kernel, this translucent oil deeply nourishes and enriches the skin. The fine consistency of Apricot Kernel Oil allows it to absorb easily into the skin leaving a velvety finish. Pressed Purity Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil is also a delicious substitute for other oils when baking cakes and cookies.

  375ml 2L mini drum 10L bag in box


Aromas Plus Massage oil H2O

Aromas Plus is a super-fine massage oil blend that has been lightly refined, specifically for the aromatherapy and massage market. Water dispersible so stained towels and oily hands are a thing of the past. Simply clean up with soapy water. Made from cold pressed oils, this massage oil is safe to use and nutritionally beneficial to your skin.


    2L mini drum 10L bag in box

Avocado oil

Avocado oil can be used in all your vinaigrette's and salad dressings. Boasting a natural deep colour and rich with vitamins, this oil has many uses. It may also be used in natural cosmetic formulations.

  375ml 10L bag in box  


Macadamia oil

Macadamia nut oil is ideal for pan frying fish or veal, and for marinating BBQ meats. It may also be used to flavour your cakes and slices and other favourite recipes. Beneficial and nourishing to dry skin if used externally. How to use macadamia oil? Macadamia oil isf ast becoming a favorite cooking oil, chefs love the mild nutty flavours and very high heat tolerance.


  375ml 2L mini drum 10L bag in box

Olive oil

Fresh extra virgin locally grown Olive oil. This is perfect for salads, cooking and drizzling over your favourite breads. Pressed from Manzanilla & Paragon varieties this oil displays fresh and full flavours needed for Mediterranean style diets and cooking. Australian grown Extra Virgin olive oil.


  375ml 2L mini drum 10L bag in box

Peanut oil

Peanut oil is ideally suited to Chinese style cooking and for flavour enrichment of satay dishes. It can be used for all types of cooking where a rich peanut flavour is required. Widely used world wide, try some on the BBQ for a unique taste. Made from world famous Kingaroy peanuts.


  375ml 10L bag in box  

Pumpkin seed oil

The dark, green oil from pumpkin seeds has a light, nutty aroma and it's bursting with a lot of good-for-you nutrients.  Used in baking and cooking also makes an excellent healthy oil salad dressing. Try adding a couple tablespoons to your favorite protein/health shakes. It adds a nice nutty flavour and you'll get the health benefits of pumpkin seed oil mixed right in. Australian grown pumpkin seed oil.


  375ml 10L bag in box  

Safflower oil

Safflower oil is great in salad dressings. Add a dash to soup or vegetables as you serve them. With its low viscosity this oil is good for massage containing benefits to inflamed joints, sprains & bruises. Full nutrition cold pressed safflower oil unrefined.



  375ml 10L bag in box  


Sesame oil

Sesame oil is the natural oil for stir frying and Asian style cooking, and will boost the flavour of your favourite recipes. Sesame oil contains two unique natural chemicals called sesamol and sesamin. They are very powerful antioxidants and known to help reduce blood pressure.


  375ml 10L bag in box  


Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a popular frying oil for many types of foods. Add some to soups and vegetables as they are served or use it as a base for your own salad dressing. Popular in the treatment of Asthma and also as a bread making ingredient. Unrefined sunflower oil.


  375ml 10L bag in box  


Walnut oil

Walnut Oil is a much sought after rarity. The walnut is extremely rich in polyunsaturated Linoleic acid (omega 6). Its light color and light flavor makes it an excellent salad oil. Walnut Oil lends an aristocratic touch of class to any dish. Since Walnut Oil contains one of the rare essential fatty acids (omega 3) in fair amounts (12%) it makes it nutritionally very valuable. Largest producer walnut oil in Australia.


  375ml 10L bag in box  

Natural peanut butter

No salt, sugar or added fat. 100% natural peanut butter tastes fresh, just like peanut butter should. Flavour-packed for a nutritious snack. Made from freshly roasted Australian grown Kingaroy peanuts. Pressed Purity natural peanut butter. As seen on Channel seven sunrise for Australian grown peanut butter.






Smooth natural


Crunchy natural

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